I can't think of a time, no matter how far back I travel, when I was not interested or engaged in working with my psychic energy, and it is abundantly clear to me that we have two worlds operating at the moment as Dolores Cannon has been saying to me for years. The old earth of material values where power and wealth are the operating values - what people are striving for come what may, and the new earth being reborn - where love, kindness and spirituality are the values we want to build and work with every day.

    Of course, any new birth is going to take time, and labour. You can see it all around us. Some peole say everything has to do with global warming, and some of that is true I am sure, but WE are responsible, and we can clean the beaches and the oceans until they sparkle, but if we are still killing the whales, dolphins etc then not much progress has been made i think. All the yamas are important.

    Remember the 60's. I can. EST was starting out, as was yoga, meditation, seances, "make love not war". The Hari-Krisnas were hugging people playing tablas in the city streets. We were swimming in the spiritual energy. We are now - but we have got to plug in. There hasn't been this much spiritual energy available to us since that time.

    At present there are TV shows about Angels, The Stars, Magicians, time travellers... its everywhere. This energy is like a giant power station in the sky. Come with me and learn how you too can plug in. You were born psychic!




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